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A Bernini statue

This is an oil on canvas painting of a Gian Lorenzo Bernini statue in Rome. 80 cm x 40 cm Oil on Canvas Sold

portrait-paintings Portrait Paintings – Paintings for Sale Ireland

This is a portrait painting of my friends Arianna, Sebastiana and my cat Bacon. 50 cm x 60 cm Oil on Canvas

Ancient Roman Aquaduct

Roman Aquaduct. Oil on canvas 50 X 40 cm

Roman Aquaduct, evening

This is an oil on canvas painting of the Aquaducts in the evening. 40cm x 50 cm Oil on Canvas

A door in Venice

This is an oil on canvas painting of a canal in Venice 50 cm x 70 cm Oil on Canvas

Woman with Violin – Irish Contemporary Artists

This is a painting of a friend of mine Bethan Jones playing the violin. 70 x 70 cm Oil on Canvas

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